Xena Drawing Almost Done

The Xena drawing is almost done. I would have finished it today but I’m not a tight schedule of creativity throughout my day.

All that is left to do in this drawing is the shading of her armor and some last finishing touches.

xena drawing almost done

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Today’s Gestures

I’m beginning to see, and feel, progress in my gestures. I’ve been doing them for only weeks and the improvements are coming. My other drawings are being influenced by my gesture drawings as well. I look for the larger shapes first and all my lines are becoming more fluid and expressive.

What went well?

Having fun with my gesture drawings and the xena drawing is almost done.

What didn’t go so well?

Never enough time in the day to work on being creative.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

During my daily reading of The Art Spirit by Robert Henri. I marked a passage that perfectly describes my feeling of art process vs product. I’ll have to create an art tip for it.

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