Wonder Woman: Challenge

These past weeks I planned to be painting  my friend Ann but I’m glad for this change and it’s almost overwhelming challenge.

Almost every single drawing session I’ve had while with Superman and Wonder Woman has been frustrating to the point of anger. I’m grateful for Optimize.me helping me get in touch with my best self otherwise I would probably be breaking something or quitting this project by now.

I’m outside my comfort zone and this is where I should be, otherwise I would never grow.

Here is the terrible drawing for today. It started out really great. I approached the drawing with a good idea and a plan but neither worked out.

After three hours of work, I didn’t get very far.

I think the biggest issue I’m having is accuracy. I want to grab an exact likeness of Gal Gadot but I’m so bad at accuracy with this drawing that I have to spend the whole time correcting. This completely destroys any kind of spontaneity in the drawing. It also fills the drawing with all kinds of incorrect marks, splotches, flat areas of paper that won’t take graphite any more and an overworked feel that I just don’t want.

The solution?

Next session, tomorrow, I’m going to use a very light pencil and work hard to make sure that I get the shape of the head, eyes, nose and mouth placed perfectly before I go into any detail or shading at all. If this process takes the whole three hours just for the head then that’s what it will take.

Also I should figure out why my life drawing sessions go so well but these drawings are so hard for me…

What went well?

I spent 3 hours on this drawing focusing hard, calming myself many times.

What didn’t go so well?

The drawing is not accurate and is overworked.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

See above…

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