Winnie Cat Portrait Session 4

This is the fourth session on the Winnie cat portrait and I can’t wait to actually release these posts soon. My wife is away and I want to surprise her with a finished portrait when she returns, and I don’t want my auto posting to facebook to ruin the surprise. So I write these posts on the day, but I’m not releasing them until after Christmas day.

So, I’m having to deal with a lot of paint drying and they values and colors being adjusted because of it. This is difficult because the paint isn’t totally dry in spots yet the spots are dry enough that the sheen is removed and the value or color has changed. Then when I need to work back into those ares the next day I have to very carefully “oil out” those spots without moving the paint around too much.

It has worked well so far but in the future when I start longer term paintings I’m going to add some clove oil to my medium to keep the paints wet for much longer.

Winnie Cat Portrait Session 4, setup

Session Details