Winnie Cat Portrait Session 3

At the third session of working my Winnie cat portrait I think I’m finally happy with the drawing of the head. Now I need to worry about the rest of the painting and I have some concerns about the overall composition.

Here is a closeup of the head, I’m particularly proud of it, for my first cat portrait I think I did very well. Unfortunately I’m currently cursing my iPhone for not being better than it is at taking photos, but that is to be expected. It looks like I need to go out at some point and get a proper camera.

Winnie Cat Portrait Session 3, closeup

It’s a good sign though, when the photo doesn’t turn out near as good as the original painting. I’ve done many paintings where the photo looks better than the painting and I feel as though the painting has missed the mark somehow.

Winnie Cat Portrait Session 3, setup

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