Winnie Cat Portrait Session 2

Tonight I continued work on the portrait of our cat Winnie. The Winnie cat portrait is progressing along well and I’m very happy with the work that I completed tonight, even though I was very nervous and not sure how to start my first portrait of a pet.

I got a shipment in today of new supplies and one that I have been waiting for was the Old Masters Meroger medium. I have tried many different mediums over the years and I have not been impressed with any of them and I hoped that during this painting session I could try out the Flemish Meroger medium and finally find the medium that I’ve been waiting for.

Well, the first issue I have with the medium is that it smells, strongly. One of the things that I’ve prided myself on these past three years is using materials that don’t give off an odor and is not harmful, and this works very well for my small apartment studio. But I had to keep the window in my room wide up with this medium. It wasn’t a bad smell, but one that was obviously unnatural and possibly harmful.

Other than that the working properties of the medium was great. I had mixed a bit into each paint pile before starting and the one thing I like most is controlling the viscosity of my paint. Previously I couldn’t get enough paint on my brush and my paintings were constantly too thin and I had felt that I was doing more dry brushing than anything, but with the medium mixed in I can get much more thick and fluid strokes.

The next thing to do is to see how it dries, hopefully I can keep the paint on my palette for more than a night, if not I may have to waste much more paint and medium nightly. After that I’m going to move back to my old medium (linseed oil mainly) for a session and compare both medium’s working properties.

Winnie Cat Portrait Session 2 notes

Winnie Cat Portrait Session 2, Setup

As I said this session of the Winnie cat portrait went very well, but I still felt that I had some drawing issues. I couldn’t figure out exactly what the issue was but I knew it was there. So considering I’m working form a photo I returned to the computer after my painting session and did some digital comparisons. I have no qualms with using the computer in any way to help with drawing, value or color, almost anything for the painting process really. That being said I will NEVER trace. I just use it as an informative tool, not a crutch.

As you can see below there are some large drawing issues. The ears are too long and out of place, and the biggest issue is the size of the muzzle and the line of the mouth. It’s going to be interesting to see how I will correct these considering that I think the paint will be try by tomorrow, but this will be a great opportunity to learn with my first Winnie cat portrait.

Winnie Cat Portrait Session 2, drawing compare
Drawing comparison

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