Who is this: Not Extreme Enough

My incision is not extreme enough to really impress anyone. Of course this was a major surgery, but it’s not gory enough to be shocking…

In fact the incision is barely noticeable in this painting. Even though the cut was about 10 inches starting over my pelvic bone and moving up it just doesn’t look very impressive here. But I’m not looking for sensationalism, I’m going for truth.

Deep emotional impacts can be almost invisible on the surface, it’s important to remember that people are more than what we see at any particular moment. I’ve seen a lot of elderly people lately with my kidney disease journey this past year and I try to see them for their deep history. Most are almost twice my age, so I think about all the experience I’ve had in my last 43 years, then double it. I can’t imagine all the pain, joy, hard times and wonderful moments that has made them what they are.

Maybe the best art captures these fleeting moments while giving the viewer a glimpse of history. I’m not sure if this painting does that, it’s too quiet and maybe not extreme enough.

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