Who is this: Mirrored

This is going to seem obvious to most of you but I just realized that a mirror image is not like looking at another person.

When looking at another person their right and left is flipped. Their right hand is on your left side and their left had is on your right side. But, in a mirror the right is on the right, left is on the left. Throughout my posts I’ve been referring to the arm on the left as my right arm but in fact it is my left art.

Obvious right? Well think about this, you will never see me this way ever, unless you’re looking at me in the mirror at the same time I’m looking in a mirror.

Most self portraits from photo are from the camera’s perspective but this is my perspective, this is what I see when I look in the mirror.

I begin to wonder about all kinds of things now. Is this painting now more personal? Is this why most of us hate looking at photos of ourselves because we are used to see only our reflected selves? What about all self portraits over the centuries painted in front of a mirror, they never looked like that in person also.

The overall idea seem rather simple but I think their can be a lot of profound meaning is very simple concepts.

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