Who is this: Head Done

I haven’t sent the last 10 or so posts to subscribers or social media because I’m working so slowly, but today I’m done with the head.

I’m really happy with all the work that I put in to the top half of this self portrait. I painted everything over maybe 3 or 4 times. The head now has the structure I want and the texture that it needs. I only wish that I was painting it larger though, I feel like I can’t get as much feeling in the eyes with the portrait being smaller than life size. The head is probably half original scale and I find myself using a super tiny brush just to get the details it needs.

I’m slowly moving down the body still and I have a lot of work left to be done, this may be the longest painting I ever worked on. Currently I’ve spent about 58 days on it. Of course I’ve done a lot of half hour days…

I plan on posting daily progression but only sending out posts to subscribers and social media when I hit milestones that I think warrant it.

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