Who is this: Confused

I started today’s session confused on what to do, even though I’m working very slowly on this I’m still having trouble starting on something…

I ended up working on the left eye. I think my confusion is because my original ideas don’t seem to be working the way I wanted. Plus I’m not understanding how to depict the form of the head in space the way I want.

I think the next session I’m going to sit in front of the painting for a bit and figure out what needs to happen with a small section, focus my efforts and concentration and just work on that.

1 thought on “Who is this: Confused”

  1. I think the work you did to the eye improves the painting. I don’t know what it was about the eyes previously, but they didn’t capture you remotely. I felt they looked like a zombie’s eyes. The detailing is bringing your portrait more to life, personally.


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