Whidbey Island Life Drawing

Today was my first session at the South Whidbey Island Figure Drawing Group. For my first session on the island I felt a bit rusty, I’m not sure if it was the different setting, the different pose structure or the fact that I didn’t get a chance to do my warmup drawings but I felt a bit lost at the beginning.

For the past 10 months of figure drawing in Portland the Hipbone Studio had the exact same pose schedule. Ten 1.5 minute gestures, three 5 minute poses, two 15 minute poses then three 30 minute poses. I guess I got very used to that line-up and I think it’s good that i’m stepping out of that comfort zone and into a more organic schedule.

During this session, the artists as a group decided on the pose length. I didn’t provide much input because honestly I didn’t have much of an opinion I just wanted to draw from the figure. And this was my first time so I didn’t feel like I could be very outspoken.

Whidbey Island Life Drawing, 1 minute gestures
1 minute gestures
Whidbey Island Life Drawing, 5 minute poses
5 minute poses

The gestures and 5 minute poses were the worst, honestly I say it over and over again, but I just need to sit down and focus on gestures and short poses for a week.

Whidbey Island Life Drawing, 20 minute pose
2 minute pose
Whidbey Island Life Drawing, 20 minute pose
20 minute pose

The model tended to rotate a bit on this pose but it was fun chasing the pose a bit. I re-drew the hands and some of the torso while leaving an ghost of the other drawing. I’m glad that I feel comfortable enough with drawing the figure that I don’t need the model to act like stone, I’m more than happy with keeping this process organic.

Whidbey Island Life Drawing, 50 minute pose
50 minute pose

I’m not sure what happened here, I figured I could have done a better job with a 50 minute pose, but I was just having trouble getting into the groove today. I’ve already signed up for next Saturday, so I hope I can bring it back to the quality that I want.

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  1. I’m sure there is a small learning curve each time you go to a new place. It’s not that your skills lack, it’s getting into a groove, meeting new people, settling in. I’m glad that we have both dived right into our passions though.


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