Unfinished Oil Paintings and Thai Tea: Session 3

Are you bored yet? This is the third post about this painting and I probably have two more sessions on it before its finished. So there are going to be two more blog posts about my unfinished oil paintings and I’m wondering if anyone finds it boring.

I don’t know of any other artist out there that actually blogs daily about their unfinished oil paintings. I follow many artists that blog about their work, but I only see their finished results. The only exception I can think of is Jana Bouc, she blogs every so often about her process. Great job Jana!

I’m hoping that one day, I will be one of those artists that people look up to and wonder how I accomplished my work. At that point this blog would probably be wonderful for them. Imagine having a day to day account with photos of the great masters at work. It would definitely lighten the bookshelves around the world containing speculative accounts of the histories of great masters.

Now that I think about it, there are not many artists that blog or publish ALL their work. I wonder, are they afraid? Do they worry that the secret will get out and everyone will know that great artists do bad work sometimes?

boring artist posts
Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man Rising from his chair

Look at this painting, its by the great and all powerful Rembrandt. Frankly, it kinda sucks. Well, in comparison with most of Rembrandt paintings I’ve seen this is defiantly not the best. I would be amazing to know what Rembrandt thought of this work, if he hated it, or if he thought it well done.

So, if anyone is reading this, I’m feeling just a bit cynical today, if you haven’t guessed. But, I will continue to blog about my work daily, so get used to it. Some days will be better than others. One thing is for sure, 10 years from now I will look back on these posts and see how far I’ve come, and maybe, just maybe, someone struggling to be a great artist will see my website and be motivated to continue on, because it’s no secret we all struggle.

Unfinished Oil Paintings Session 3 Setup

unfinished oil paintings session 3 setup photo

The Subject, same as yesterday…
unfinished oil paintings session 3 subject photo

2 thoughts on “Unfinished Oil Paintings and Thai Tea: Session 3”

  1. Hey Chris, thanks for the nod in your post. So often I wonder if the effort I put into showing my steps, fumbles and do-overs is useful to anyone but myself–I’m glad you think they’re worth doing. I’ve been painting my sister over and over, from life and a photo taken while she sat for me and most of them are terrible but each one gets a little better. As soon as I have the “final” one done I’m going to post all 2 dozen drawings/paintings. And wow! that Rembrandt really does kinda suck! The guy in the painting even looks embarrassed! Thanks for posting that.


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