Turbulent Thai Tea Oil Painting Session 1

Do  not attempt to adjust your monitor, the fuzziness is intentional. This is just the first session of “Trubulent Thai Tea” and upon ending my session for the day I feathered the entire painting to remove all the hard edges. At the end of the day it wasn’t just the painting that was out of focus.

I decided to start this painting after looking through my collage of finished work and picking out a still life that I would like to revisit and I was struck by how much I like this one. So I decided to make up another still life with the same items.

Again today I was having trouble with focus though. By one hour in the painting I knew it was going south because I was correct more drawing errors than I was moving forward. At this point I decided to feather all the edges in the painting and continue it at a later time. This way when I return to it it will be a bit easier to focus on fixing all the drawing errors then move forward with the painting.

Turbulent Thai Tea Setup

Turbulent Thai Tea painting setup

Turbulent Thai Tea painting subject

Turbulent Thai Tea painting subject

Session Details