Truth or Composition

I’m struggling with a choice to remove important details of Patrick’s life versus a better composition.

There is a hand painted poster behind Patrick’s raised hand that has the phases of the moon on it. There are little tiny dots that make a grid pattern. The pattern I find very distracting. Or to put it more exactly, it jumps forward and seems to overshadow the importance of the hand.

Before I remove it completely I’m going to play around with it’s values and edges to see if I can push it back a bit.

What went well?

The hand is coming along really well. I’m accomplishing the energy and form I want to see in it. I feel it also comes forward off the painting well and is as important as the face.

What didn’t go so well?

Struggles with the background behind the hand. I’ll work on it several days and get it right.

What did I learn?

Certain places require details and others are best rendered with blurred edges and broad strokes.

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