I’ve decided to start a new painting and I’m going to work on it in tandem with my “Living Room” painting.

This painting is going to be in gouache and I think it is going to take a very long time to complete. I specifically chose a very complex subject. Honestly I’m not sure why, I liked it, and I guess I want a challenge, or punishment I can’t decide.

Trees: Start
Trees: Start
Trees: Start, setup

Session Details

  • Session: 1851
  • Work: 1368
  • Width: 22"
  • Height: 16"
  • Medium: Graphite
  • Location: Home
  • Art Time: 1
  • Creative Time:



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Christopher Beaven

Christopher Beaven

I am an Artist and a programmer currently living in the amazing state of Washington. I have a passion for art, but I'm stubborn as hell with it. My day is complete only when I do some piece of art each day, no matter how small. "There was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile."

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