Trees: Organizing Complexity

In order to organize the extreme complexity of this drawing I’m using a grid.

Yes, I’m going very detailed with this painting and the subject has a ton of stuff going on in every inch. There are about ten billion little branches crisscrossing all over this photo. I don’t plan on rendering every little twig but I do want to get most of the detail and make it look as authentic as possible.

In order to deal with all the complexity I’m breaking the painting up in small chunks, 2 inch squares, and dealing with the initial drawing. This makes it much easier to focus on areas and add in the detail that is necessary without getting overwhelmed by the whole scene.

I plan on this painting pushing a lot of boundaries in my knowledge of gouache, plus it’s really going to push my ability to stick with a single work for a long period of time.  Good think I have two paintings going at once right now, it really helps to break up the monotony.

Trees: Organizing Complexity
Trees: Organizing Complexity
Trees: Organizing Complexity, setup

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