Initially I thought a purely linear drawing would work, I was wrong.

There are ten billion little branches in this photo and I don’t plan on drawing them all but even just focusing on the larger branches I find this drawing to be extremely complex. Many times I get lost withing the crisscrossing and overlapping branches.

I started this painting thinking that I could do a faster initial drawing that was just linear then begin painting over it. If I did that the surface would be a huge jumble of lines and I would lose my place while painting constantly. I have realized now how necessary values are in describing whats happening in the scene.

I fear though, that I may obliterate most of the drawing during the first days of painting because I’m planning on doing an initial wash of color. I may have to invest in some clear matte finish to go over the drawing.

Trees: Necessary Value
Trees: Necessary Value
Trees: Necessary Value, setup


  • Session: 1855
  • Work: 1368
  • Width: 22"
  • Height: 16"
  • Medium: Graphite
  • Location: Home
  • Art Time: 1
  • Creative Time:



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