Traveling Home

I was up late and very sick the night before, now I’m traveling home early in the morning.

My first sketch of the day was at the airport in Charlotte North Carolina. It’s early and I need to do art so I’m going to get it done first! So I’m waiting at my gate and sketching whatever I see.

It’s not a very good sketch at all, but I don’t really mind. I’m using my art skills and putting in the effort that is what really counts. Luckily I had more time at the end of the day to do a better sketch.

This one is of our Christmas tree. I was super tired so I stopped exactly after 30 minutes, hence half a tree.

What went well?

I got two sketches done today!

What didn’t go so well?

The first one wasn’t my best.

What did I learn?

Effort counts twice, and finishing doesn’t matter.

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