Traveling: Coachmans Inn Lamp Drawing

When we travel I usually wait till the end of the day to do a drawing or painting. Tonight is no different, our day is done and we are relaxing at the Coachman’s Inn in Oak Harbor Washington where I do a lamp drawing.

I can’t stress enough, the importance of doing art daily if your an artist. Representational work is not like riding a bike, you loose it over time. You have to constantly keep looking, observing, translating and recording the world around you to keep the skill fresh. Believe me I know from experience, I have had two times in my life where I went years without doing any artwork, and each time I started up again it was like starting over, as if it was my first day in collage. Just have a look at my first art post on this blog and you will see.

Anyway, do something daily, set a goal, and please don’t not start a work just because you think it’s not going to be a masterpiece or something you can sell. You can learn a lot from any small half hour sketch.

Traveling: Coachmans Inn Lamp Drawing, subject
Traveling: Coachmans Inn Lamp Drawing, setup

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