Torso Anatomy

I’m really getting into the study of anatomy and I don’t think I would have been so excited about it before signing up with New Masters Academy. Tonight I focus on torso anatomy.

I’m not sure if I’m doing these videos in the correct order, or if there is really a correct order to them, but I plan on doing a full review of the entire body once I’m done with all the sets.

My wife and I were at a gym a couple weeks back and they had huge almost life size posters of the human skeletal system and another one of the muscles. We both were fascinated by them. I figure the poster were very expensive considering their size and I was thinking that I could draw or paint them myself. If anything it would be a really great way to learn the anatomy of the human body.

Torso Anatomy: setup

Tonight is all about the torso, the video set was short but as Rey Bustos says, the front of the torso is not very complex but it is so recognizable that if your anatomy is just a little off anyone can tell something is wrong.

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