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Brush Washer


I’m starting a series of short videos that will air every Thursday called “Three Minute Thursday” and today I’m beginning with a Three Minute Thursday Thanks!

Thank you all for subscribing to my channel and getting me to the milestone of 1000 subscribers. WOOHOO!

Thank you!

Now a Three Minute Thursday Thing. 

This is a brush washer. It’s the Richeson deluxe brush washer and it’s not cheap but this is something that can last for the rest of your life.

I don’t use it to wash my brushes. I use it to soak my brushes and it’s working out fantastically. Before I was using this old plastic container and I was having issues with the bristles on my brushes getting bent. Now I can use this handy dandy spring to hold my brushes suspended in oil with no bending while they wait for my next painting session.

It’s a very big brush washer so you will need a lot of safflower oil for soaking your brushes. So I also purchased this gallon container of safflower oil for much cheaper than what Gamblin sells it for and it’s working out wonderfully. I’ve used both for a few months now and it’s made my painting setup even better.

Link to oil.

Thanks Patrick Foster Studio and Mystery McCarthy and Betty Pogor for the help and questions about using cheaper safflower oil.

That’s it! Three Minute Thursday is done. Try the brush washer out for yourself and if you are wondering what I mean about brush soaking check out my non toxic oil painting video here.

Thanks for watching!

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