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I have written down on my protocol art with a purpose.

The problem is that I really don’t know the purpose for my art right now.

I boiled it down to subject matter that I enjoy, which is figure and Landscape. Specifically figures in a landscape or some type of setting that has a story or narrative.

Maybe the next thing I need to do is define the style that I like in other art.

Then maybe I need to identify with other pieces out there that have a look that I would like to have in my artwork.

Style That I like

By style I am talking about how the artists treat the brushwork, lighting, composition and color. The fundamentals of picture making.

But, after going through a ton of works I’ve realized that if I add artists here just based on their amazing ability this list would have 1000 artists. I need to pull ability out of the equation and assume that every artist here is amazing, which they are. But what do I love about their treatment of the fundamentals?


Jennifer Gennari

I love her brushwork and the subject matter of the one painting above. Most of her work is animal portraits right now mainly because of her amazing brushwork.


Adrienne Stein

I love the Super Rich colors, loose brushwork and simplicity of form in her earlier paintings.


Rachel Bess

I love her high contrast lighting but that is it. Too highly rendered but the subject matter is interesting yet it relies too heavily on the title. I love the attempt at story and narrative.


Carl Dobsky

I love the high contrast lighting and the presence of narrative. Although the narrative is very cerebral and the paintings are filled with too much stuff. 



This is where it’s at for me. I feel this is the future of art. So much jaw dropping art! But I need to break this down into the essence of what I love about each.

Zeen Chin

I love the high contrast lighting and his ability to set a creepy mood.


Slawek Fedorczuk

His ability to keep the paintings in very high key. Although I know I prefer higher contrast it would be nice to study this.


Heri Irawan

I like the story in his latest works. High contrast, quiet, larger than life.


Ruan Jia

Contrast in texture. Every material has a distinct feel. Amazing!



I love the high contrast lighting and the rich colors even though it’s dark and the narrative.


Dani Naimare

The high contrast and richness of color. Much like Bastien above but with different subject matter. I also love that they are willing to stick with a subject matter and take it as far as possible with many paintings.


John Stone

I love how simply John breaks down the form into clear shapes.


Oliver Ryan *

I love Oliver’s strange narratives. High contrast, simplicity in brush work and a narrative that keeps the viewer wondering what is going on. Fantastic.


Reza Afshar

I love the simplicity of the designs that have impact. From 33 feet away these pieces jump out.


Vladimir Motsar *

I love the high contrast and quiet narrative. Much like Oliver Ryan with different brush work.


Samuel Smith *

The narrative! Every piece has a clear story. Learn from Samuel for telling stories. I don’t like the style as much as others but Sam knows storytelling.



High contrast and narrative. I don’t prefer the subject matter but they know how to convey a mood. Like Zeen Chin with a different style.


Anato Finnstark

I love the high contrast and simplicity of design. Much like Reza Afshar.


Ismail Inceoglu

Simplicity of design that has a narrative. Epic journey motive..


Azat Nurgaleev

I love the structure of the figures. Influenced by  J.C. Jeyendecker?


Aurélie Bouquet

High contrast and simplicity of design. The presence of narrative as well.


Martina Fačková

I love the high contrast, richness of color and the way Martina makes the subject look so monumental and luxurious. How she accomplishes this is worth studying.


Min Yum

I love the simplicity of design and how simple each is rendered. Much like John Stone.


Philipp A. Urlich *

I love his epic landscapes. The high contrast in lighting and the feeling of distance. Much like Bierstadt.


Alexandr Poda

High contrast lighting, rich brushwork and presence of narrative.



What I’ve repeated most

  1. High Contrast (15)
  2. Narrative (10)
  3. Simplicity, Simple (8)
  4. Brushwork (5)
  5. Rich Colors (4)

My Art

Small paintings with High contrast lighting with a figure in a scene that has a narrative with simple and effective design and brushwork with rich colors.

The process for aligning my art career towards success

  1. Establish the habit of creating
    1. Daily
    2. Focused on longevity
  2. Align my life habits to support my art
  3. Develop skill while creating, experimenting, failing and learning
    1. Do to learn, not just theory, practical application
    2. How vs ability
  4. Discover what I love, what I’m great at and what the world needs or wants to buy
    1. Materials
    2. Subject matter
    3. Style
  5. Limit all options down to what I love and focus
    1. Limit materials
    2. Limit subject matter
    3. Limit style
  6. Create a consistent body of work
    1. Develop a creation process and repeat it consistently
    2. Share my work
    3. Learn from each piece and improve upon the next
    4. Learn with just in time information not just in case information
      1. Learn what I need to know right now to complete this project

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