Time to Get Technical

After a third page of draw a box exercises I got fed up with making the same mistakes so I decided it was time to get technical and learn something.

I’m in transition between Fandom Fitness drawings so extra work on the drawabox.com exercises is taking up more time, but here are some links to some of the previous posts.

Fandom Fitness Drawing Posts

Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

My normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


Here is the first page of boxes I was working on today and like the previous two the perspective errors originate from the lines at the back of each box.

draw a box exercise

I figured there had to be some way or judging the back side perspective of the box better so I started plotting perspective on a very large sheet of newsprint so I could push out the vanishing points really far.

draw a box study

Now it’s time to get technical and try to explain this.

One of the boxes I drew provided the clues I needed to help. Below is a box I drew with a ruler and far off vanishing points. The pink lines is the “Y” shape that I drew first to establish the box’s perspective and all the vanishing points were created from these lines.

After that I drew the outside lines of the box (not highlighted). Finally I drew the last three back lines (lime green). It’s the angles of these back three lines that I’m getting wrong.

What I discovered is that these back three lines (lime green) will always follow very closely to the front three (pink). I suggested this by filling in the space between the pink lines and the green lines with a shade. This space would exist if I extended the green lines further out.

As you can see here all the lines have a pair with very slight perspective or tapering of space between.

It’s with this knowledge that I was excited and decided to try more free handed boxes. I didn’t draw them perfectly but I definitely have an improvement. The more I do these, I still have over 200 more to do, the more I will learn to judge these angles and distances better. I’m excited that I’m one step closer to drawing almost perfect perspective boxes without aid of a ruler.

draw a box exercise

Fast Contour Drawings

Nicolaides would’t be happy with these drawings. I’m supposed to spend at least 5 minutes on each but I did each one in about 2 minutes.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

A sketch of some stuff on my desk and a daily composition of what we call a “Floof Ball”. Here in Blaine this is the season for baby gulls growing up. On the top of many many homes around here you will hear little cute chirps and see puff balls with long legs. I drew a little “Floof ball” on a roof top with it’s Mom or Dad playing sentinel.

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

Very calm and patient morning of art taking it easy on production but getting technical with the mind.

What needs work?

When doing research of the next Fandom Fitness character don’t get lost down a rabbit hole on the internet.

What did I learn?

A key to drawing perfect boxes!

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