A Time For Tea: Session 1

After last nights failure to setup an acceptable still life I was determined to find something inspiring to paint tonight. I started with a simple Google image search, “Master of still life” and quickly found this post from¬†finearttips.com. The post was very informative but I garnered more motivation from discovering Jeff Legg, a masterful still life painter. Jeff Legg also reminded me of another artist that I greatly admire David Leffel.

The connections of inspiration here are quite interesting. I found Jeff Legg, who inspired the setup for this still life, and Jeff was obviously inspired by David Leffel, and David Leffel’s major inspiration is Rembrandt. Which makes me wonder if most of all representation artists are originally inspired from Rembrandt. I must admit that when I stand in front of a work by Rembrandt, which doesn’t happen very often, I’m instantly inspired to quit everything and focus everything on painting.


The Setup

The Subject

Session Details