Thigh and Foot

Early morning painting session today and I worked on the thigh and foot. I can smell the end of this painting and I’m happier with it daily.

I’m running a bit behind schedule today so I’m going to keep this post short.

Thigh and Foot
Thigh and Foot

The thigh and foot ended up a bit too warm so I may need to do another session with them to tone it down after it has dried.

Thigh and Foot, detail

After looking at the picture of the detail I see that the texture of the thigh and foot is much more rough than the rest of the figure so I do need another session to work on some modeling.

Thigh and Foot, setup

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  1. I feel like I’m cheating when I comment on certain aspects of your paintings, I have the advantage of seeing them in person as well. So As I look behind me and compare the photos in your post to the actual painting, I have to say, your attention to detail is remarkable. The feet, hands, and hair look impeccably photo like. Second, yup, that camera takes amazing photos!


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