The Planes of a Skull

Tonight was a focus on the planes of a skull from an image I found on line that is very inspiring. I worked in ink and carefully planned out the direction for all the strokes in shading.

Working in ink can be quite tedious. Especially when your working with an ink pen with a size of 0.25, but it does force you to slow down and carefully plan what your going to draw before you do it. This teaches me patience, planning and reinforces thinking about what I’m going to do before I do it.

What I really liked about the image that I was working from is the clear indication of planes of the skull as well as the clear direction of lines used for shading. Every plane has been shaded with care to describe its form and volume in space.

Next I have to do the same exercise from life as finding these planes in something from life is quite difficult.

the planes of a skull: setup

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