The Gold Star

The idea now is to make the gold star on Captain Marvel’s chest stand out. To do that I plan to use some high contrast.

I would liked to have finished this drawing today but I just needs much more time.

Laying down so much graphite it what takes up most of the time honestly. At some point I may try and change up mediums a bit and see if there is an ink, watercolor or acrylic method I can use to fill large areas with value.

captain marvel gold star

In order to get the gold star to stand out the way I want, I may have to darken her whole suit much more.

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Memory Gestures

These are super hard still but a lot of fun. I really feel that I’m stretching out of my comfort zone, yet I’m making progress. I know I can remember more each time I do this exercise.

Honestly I’m planning on doing a lot more memory work throughout all my artwork.

The first one is my warm-up plus a modeled drawing in ink. All of these are from the Nicolaides book The Natural Way to Draw.

Daily Composition

This one was really hard.

I woke up in the to go to the bathroom and glanced at Pattie seated at her desk, maybe half a second while I was half asleep. I’m happy I was able to capture all that I did with my memory.

daily composition

What went well?

Happy with the Captain Marvel drawing and looking forward to bringing that gold star out.

What didn’t go so well?

Wish I had all day to do art.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Need to find a better way to apply value that is quick and covers a lot of space.

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