The Difficult Part of Posting Everything

The difficult part of posting everything is that some days, many more than I would like, I post works that just look terrible. Luckily I’m posting along side a drawing I’m proud of.

I’m sure I’ve previously written why I post every piece of art I create but, everyone hasn’t read all 2712 of my posts so I’ll repeat it.

The reason why I post everything, the good and the bad, is that I want this website to stand as a log of my time spent. Hopefully, way in the future, I’ll be a great artist worthy of attention and if any student wants to know exactly what it took to get to where I was they could.

I decided that I want to be completely transparent on my amazing journey of art in direct contrast to all the artists I love not showing anything but their best work. There is a sense of time and effort that is lost when only looking see the best of their lives. You miss the thousands of bad work they had to slog through to get where they are. Unfortunately I think this kind of practice, of only showing your best work, has damaged the realities of most art students.

There is a purpose behind the madness and through this purpose I can treat each failed drawing as a badge of honor or necessary stepping stone to greatness. Because, its through the challenges that we grow the most.

Storm Drawing

I’m not 100% on her hair but I’m going to leave it like it is for now and sit with it for a week or so to see if I can see the issues.

I’ll move on to other drawings but I’m going to leave this open for correction in the future. Besides I have a few days of drawing left to do on this.

Storm drawing in charcoal

Previous Post of my Drawing of Storm

Modeled Drawing

I was supposed to do a part of the figure and focus on the movement of the form in and out of the picture plane but I decided to just do a quick sketch of a figure.

This is the drawing that I’m really not happy with and an example of the difficult part of posting everything.

modeled figure in charcoal

UGGHH!! I can do so much better…

You can read about the exercise in Nicolaides’ book here. The whole book is online, plus others.

Warm-Up and Cube Practice

I did really well on these cubes today!

warmup and box practice

Cylinder Practice

I forgot to time myself for this page of cylinders but I feel like it took me less than a half an hour to do all these. The lines are a bit wobbly on some but for the most part the perspective is correct.

Cylinder studies in charcoal

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I sketched my headphones which hang next to my desk and the daily composition is of Pattie fixing my favorite meal for dinner.

It’s our 19th anniversary today and she is by far the best thing that has ever happened in my life. No drawing or painting I do of her can ever match the feelings I have for her.

daily composition and daily sketch

Yes this drawing isn’t the greatest also but I’m posting everything.

What went well?

Wonderful anniversary!

What needs work?

Drawing from my imagination needs a ton of work and I need to slow down with most of my drawings and just give them the time they need and stop rushing all the time.

What did I learn?

Stop rushing…

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