The Dark Side of Harry Potter’s Face

I keep piling on more and more charcoal to the dark side of Harry Potter’s face to really push the transition of his whole head.

I’m wondering if I’m getting too dark on this drawing. But the situation he is facing is a dark one. Anyone going to face their death would perceive the world around them as much darker than it actually is.

Harry Potter drawing in charcoal

Next I need to decide if I’m going to blacken the whole background or leave it white… I may do some tests in Photoshop before committing to it.

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Today’s Gestures

For some reason today my mind was racing and I couldn’t come up with any solid motives for each of these gestures so many of them are just copies of the model in a gestural fashion.

Right-Angle Gesture Study

You can find a description of the right-angel study exercise in this post.

I hope that The Natural Way to Draw exercises include this study through the entire book, or something like it. I love being able to test my memory, intelligence, past experience and knowledge of anatomy. Then being able to get feedback right away on how close I came.

“The great danger of drawing the thing which is in front of you is always that you may end by merely copying what the eye records. When you cannot copy by using the eyes, you must draw with your full intelligence in relation to the past experiences of your senses. The fact that there is an attempt on your part to visualize a pose through your experience and that you are then given the opportunity to see such a pose will promote keener observation. A real appetite is created for the study which follows when you look at the thing you have tried to visualize.”

Kimon Nicolaides

The above quote from The Natural Way to Draw describes the exercise perfectly.

right angle study drawing

If you’re wondering, I was able to find images of real models and the same pose taken from all angles, 360 degrees, at The site isn’t too bad, there is a ton of model references here (some are a bit provocative so be careful) but I feel it is very expensive. I’m just using some free images you get when you sign-up.

Daily Composition

I need to get out more. It was super hard to come up with anything that had a figure in it that I witnessed yesterday. I ended up drawing this black car that I pass every morning. I constantly wonder why the person is sitting in their car for such a long time with the lights on.

daily composition

What went well?

Loving the habit’s I’ve built around art.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m almost on time today but the realization that I need to give my schedule a bit of slack is evident.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I said it before when drawing Spock, but I really need to be careful at what angle I apply charcoal to the paper in relation to the head. A couple places on the dark side of Harry Potter’s face doesn’t look that great because the strokes are mixed in direction.

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  1. I love the stories that go along with the daily compositions. I mean, what is going on with the guy that he needs to go to his car every morning? And just sit there for (at least) 20 minutes? So interesting. The compositions are pretty good, too. They are like quick illustrations in the story of your life.

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