The “Art First” Rule

The inevitable happened. I missed a day. But it was a wonderful learning experience that I can prevent a repeat of.

This week was my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and I had to fly out super early in the morning. Then as soon as I landed I hit the ground running helping Pattie prepare for the party and get everything lined up for a perfect day for her parents. While I was flying out I thought to myself that I should do a sketch for 30 minutes on the plane but then decided I would do my sketch later that night. This was a bad decision that I should have know was wrong. Because we were up late having a wonderful dinner with family and a great time.

It was the next morning when I realized that I didn’t do any art on the previous day. I had simply forgotten with all the other surrounding excitement. I gave myself about a minute or two to go through the sadness and anger at myself then I turned it around. That’s like me! I can use this to improve and grow and get better!

So here it is. I’m creating a new rule for myself. “ART FIRST” Especially when I’m traveling or super busy. Plan my art for the day, first and try and get it done at the first opportunity. Art is my most important part of my daily protocol so because it is so important I’m going to put it first.

Also, I’m not going to let this missed day go, I made sure to make up the day first thing that morning by doing a sketch for the previous day. This is part of my in-laws basement and I really enjoyed drawing it.

What went well?

I did a fun sketch with lots of details that I normally would avoid.

What didn’t go so well?

This was a make-up sketch for missing a sketch the previous day.

What did I learn?

I’m putting a plan in place to try and never miss a day again.

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