Thai Tea Oil Painting Session 5

So, this painting is taking a long time to finish. So long in fact that half of it is dry and I’m not even done with it. It’s looking really good though. I’m not sure you can tell by the images but I’m very happy with its progress.

I’m trying to get a bit more loose with the brush strokes in the folds of the fabric. Mainly I don’t want too much detail in the fabric that is further away from the center of interest. But, this is one of the hardest things for me. I can paint fairly high details because I can recognize what I see and reproduce it. It’s another thing altogether to look at something and determine how to simplify it yet keep its essence.

There are some instances where this is not possible, like a Zebra. You can generalize the grass that the zebra is standing on into larger block of green and brown, but you can’t generalize the zebra’s stripes into on mass, it would just look wrong. Of course this is a simple example, it gets more complex when you begin to generalize complex areas.

thai tea oil painting setup thai tea oil painting subject

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