Thai Tea Oil Painting, A Lesson in Patience

Tonight I focused on moving slowly and methodically through the painting assembling it stroke by stroke and checking the correction of each, it was a real lesson in patience. I didn’t get much done on the painting but what I did finish is looking great.

In my last post I was talking about slowing down and working more on accuracy and focus rather than trying to finish a painting. After all my focus right now should be getting better at making good decisions not finishing a painting. If I put enough good decisions together the finish will come along soon enough.

Thai Tea Painting Setup

Thai Tean Oil Painting, A Lesson in PatienceThis the second session on this painting and I’m not sure how many more sessions I’m going to need but sticking with it and continuing to move this slow is going to be another lesson in patience.

Unfortunately I do see one issue with this way of working. My initial lay-in on the first session of this painting was unfocused and wrought with bad drawing and even though I’m checking each stroke I seem to still have some drawing issues.

Thai Tea Painting Subject
Thai Tean Oil Painting, A Lesson in Patience subject

Edit: I really need to proof read my posts more careful. It wasn’t until a day after that I realized that the post title was saying “tean” instead of “tea”… quite embarrassing.

Session Details