Tag: Watercolor

Sherlock drawing in charcoal cover

The Dominant Eye

In Robert Henri’s book The Art Spirit he speaks of the compositional relationship between both eyes and how in life there is always the dominant

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Daily Composition

A Full Day

With researching Harry Potter images, taking our cat to the vet, trying watercolors for the first time, doing some gestures and holding down my day

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PF Chang

I drove north to the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood because I was going to meet for dinner later at night. I was lucky that there

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Back Home

After a long day getting back home, visting with my in-laws, cleaning the apartment, loving the cats and dinner. I was completely out of energy,

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Random Stuff

For some reason I really love drawing or painting random stuff in my our kitchen. Tonight I was being watched intently by a bunch of

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