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Leg and Foot, cover

Leg and Foot

I wasn’t feeling well all day today but I was able to accomplish two hours of painting a leg and foot anyway. Unfortunately I missed

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Thigh and Foot, cover

Thigh and Foot

Early morning painting session today and I worked on the thigh and foot. I can smell the end of this painting and I’m happier with

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Getting Closer,cover

Getting Closer

I feel as if I’m getting closer to finished after this session. I’m thinking the painting may be a bit overworked though.

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Time Flies, cover

Time Flies

At the 14th session for this painting I’m finding that time flies when I’m working. I’m getting into the good parts and having a great

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The awkward stage, cover

The Awkward Stage

It seems like every painting has an awkward stage. It’s that stage where everything doesn’t look quite right and you don’t know if it’s going

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Slow Block-in, cover

Slow Block-in

At my current rate with the slow block-in this painting is going to take much longer than my previous paintings. I’m okay with that.

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