Superman: Trust

Today’s drawing was all about trusting myself and just going for it.

The one thing I’ve noticed about my latest drawings is that when I trust my abilities and don’t try and measure every thing to death I come out with a more natural drawing full of energy. The others with lots of measuring and double checking against the photo in Photoshop results in a stiff drawing with not much life. Trusting myself and just going for it doesn’t produce a super accurate drawing but I’m certain it’s the best path to take for excellence.

What went well?

I trusted myself and came out with one of the better drawings in this series so far.

What didn’t go so well?

Again… More time. I spent almost two hours on this drawing alone.

What did I learn?

To instill more structure into my drawings I need to give clear indications when planes change direction through higher contrast in values as well as strokes that better describe the planes.

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