Superman: The Elusive Likeness

I don’t think I’ve every had a likeness so hard to capture. Every time I draw Christopher Reeve I don’t quite capture him.

After today’s session I’m convinced his likeness is dependent deeply on the subtle shading of his face. I can get close when getting the contours and feature placement perfect but he really needs super accurate shading also.

I didn’t finish any of these drawings today because when I reached a certain point I could look at them and know I didn’t capture him fully. It was inevitable to start over.

To make this even harder I have to capture the likeness while keeping a spontaneity in the drawing that I love.

I’ll keep trying!

What went well?

Lots of work done and I’m getting closer to what I want. Deliberate Practice!

What didn’t go so well?

I didn’t “finish” any drawings, but I learned a lot.

What did I learn?

Even when tracing the photo the likeness isn’t there yet. I need to get the shading super accurate and do it with my own style.

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