Superman: Christopher Reeve 3

I’m learning so much while doing these drawings that I don’t want to stop.

The first drawings of today was of the same picture of Clark Kent but I was focusing heavily on getting the drawing as exact as possible and it turned out really stiff, like a mannequin.

The last drawing I started by laying my paper over the previous drawing and quickly marking a few lines for important landmarks. Then not focusing much on the photo I let myself just interpret what I saw and tried to be myself while drawing trusting that I would make good decisions.

This last drawing was much better, it still isn’t what I’m ultimately looking for but I like it better than the others.

What went well?

Lots of practice with Clark Kent and I’m learning.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m a bit discouraged in my drawing skills I want to be so much more than I am now. Time to work harder!!

What did I learn?

Drawing from the heart and trusting myself will always turn out a more authentic and organic drawing.

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