Subtle Shades

There are so many different subtle shades of value and color throughout the body that I find it infinitely interesting.

Sometimes I’m surprised how often I make a color more green or blue. You would think when looking at a caucasian person that all you would see is different shades of pink. But there are more greens and blue crisscrossing the skin than you know. I’m sure if I was working from life I would see even more colors in the skin.

Subtle Shades
Subtle Shades

Today I worked on the chest and hand. I think that I have the hand down well, there are some small awkward bits about it, but overall I’m happy.

I’m really distracted by the texture of this paper though. I’m going to go to the art store this weekend and pick up some hot press watercolor paper. It will have a much smoother surface.

Subtle Shades, setup

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