Subtle Colors and Values

I’ve finished up the second major layer of underpainting for the whole figure now I’m working on super subtle colors and values for the final layer.

It seems like I’m constantly adjusting the smallest of shades all over this models skin. It is very helpful to see the photos of my progress after each session. The photos provide just the right separation between me and the painting so I can really see where I’m at.

Subtle Colors and Values
Subtle Colors and Values
Subtle Colors and Values, detail

After two layers on the feet and legs I excited to work on the final layer as I can see this area is heading in the right direction.

Subtle Colors and Values, setup

2 thoughts on “Subtle Colors and Values”

  1. Interesting how the background looks so much better after working on details. And even though the hair is really dark, you’ve done a great job of differentiating the two. It could easily have just melted together.


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