Storm Drawing Finished

I was able to put in a very long art day today and get a lot done including marking the Storm drawing as finished. I’m super happy with this one.

It has it’s issues, but that is every drawing. Even though I love that I made it my own by taking the character and injecting how I felt she should look.

Storm from marvel comics drawing in charcoal

This whole drawing, except for her face, is from my imagination and the combination of several reference images. I feel that I portrayed Storm as an impressive and commanding person.

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Draw A Box Exercises and Warm-up

Before I got the Storm drawing finished, I started my morning of art by reading the rest of the lesson 0 and starting on the home work for lesson 1.

Kath introduced me to this website and I absolutely love it. For any artist just starting out drawing I HIGHLY recommend starting the lessons and carefully read lesson 0. He addresses all kinds of misconceptions to art making that are essential for anyone just starting out, such as learning to love failure.

“The most important point I can make here is this: Doing something badly does not define who you are. It doesn’t say anything about you as a person, and it is not the basis upon which you can reasonably be judged.”

Uncomfortable from

The founder named Uncomfortable also goes into a lot of the technical and analytical skills necessary to progress as a draftsman with the greatest velocity. Much of the wisdom he shares on the site I only figure out later in my art journey.

Because of this wonderful site and it’s influence I’m changing up my warmup process slightly and possibly replacing the current exercises that I created for the basic form with the Draw A Box lessons.

Draw A Box exercises

Cylinder Practice

My cylinder practice turned into a lot more practice with free hand single line ellipses. I was drawing a bunch of cylinders and trying to get them right without much helping line. I found that most of the cylinders didn’t turn out to well and decided to up my game to ink.

The lessons have you start with ink, mostly because it is an unforgiving medium. Once you put it down it’s there and you’re less apt to draw construction lines first, such as with a pencil. What I like about it is that you are forced to bring a deeply focused presence to each and every line you draw.

Cylinder practice

Form Studies

I’m still working from Nicolaides’ book and today’s exercise is the 10 minute form studies. I’ve gotten to a point where I not following some of the exercises exactly how he describes them and this is one.

Nicolaides wants me to focus on pushing and pulling the form into and out of space with the pressure of my charcoal in the paper. To literally try and feel the body receding and advancing. But I’m using more of a Steve Huston method of trying to see the basic forms in each body part. Although I didn’t have as much focus as I could have for today’s exercises.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Yesterday I was wondering if I should continue with these execises and today I determined they are essential, for two reasons.

First, I want to improve my memory and the daily compositions influence me to bring as much presence to every situation I’m in because I’m also gathering material from these interactions.

Second reason is that I love the constant reminder that am no where near being a master artists and I have a lot to work on. It’s a daily challenge issued to me and a source of motivation.

In short, I’ll be doing these every day and maybe for the rest of my life.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Tons of art time and the Storm drawing finished!

What needs work?

I need to work on not neglecting my 1000 second timer when I’m deep into art. The exercise and movement is very important, my health comes first.

What did I learn?

Using many online resources and can improve my lessons tremendously.

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