Still Life With Yellow Pear

I focused on my still life with yellow pear painting tonight and didn’t do any drawing. I didn’t want to go another day without finishing this one.

I have found that I enjoy subjects with lighting that has high contrast. The trouble with this is that I wonder if I choose this high contrast lighting because it’s easier or just because I like it.

Currently I’m happy that I don’t struggle to get art done nightly, I have built art making deep into my daily routine to a point where it is habit. So now it’s time to think about long term subject matter.

Still life with yellow pear: setup
The still life setup

Not sure what it is about this glass but I really enjoy painting it.

Still life with yellow pear: subject image
Subject image

My iPhone is great for taking the day to day pictures of normal life but when you need it to do some professional shots it’s severely lacking. One day I may have enough money to buy a really nice camera, but then I will have to take some classes to learn how to use it.

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