Still Life With Pear: On the Right Track

After days of working on this painting I’m finally on the right track and moving forward. I have decided to call it “Still life with pear”, I know it’s not a very imaginative title but I hope the quality of the work will speak for itself here.

Not only am I on the right track with this still life but I did a bunch of work this weekend on my website and I figured out that I had my sessions incorrect. I was off by a couple days. This is very important because I’m coming up on 1000 consecutive days of art very soon. This also kind of sucks because all the paintings I have sold up until now have the session and work number written on the back. Well, it can’t be helped…

still life with pear oil painting setup
Still life with pear oil painting setup

I spent about two hours today just working on the emerald glass. I wanted to get the drawing of this glass perfect. There is nothing more distracting than geometric shapes drawn incorrectly in a painting so it was imperative that the glass looked perfect. So far I’m very happy how this painting is progressing and I can’t wait to get the pear and some of the drapery done tonight. Besides, the pear may be starting to get mushy…

Still life with pear: Subject photo
Still life with pear: Subject photo

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