Still Life, Starting Over

I had such a frustration session with this painting two days ago that I decided that starting over was the best course. I wiped out the old painting and began the drawing again today.

Luckily the clove oil in my new medium kept the paint really wet so it was easy to wipe all of the oil paint completely off of the canvas. This left me with a nice warm tone on the canvas to start my drawing on.

I had to begin this drawing during my lunch today because after work we are driving to the San Juan Islands to scope out a new place to live once our lease is up here in three months. I was in the zone while drawing the still life and the time went by so fast that it was and hour and a half before I forced myself to stop.

This painting will sit for a few days while we are away, and once we come back I will continue working on it. The new drawing went very well and i can’t wait to start putting color to it.

Still Life, Starting over, setup

Still Life, Starting Over: Post Motivation

Anders Zorn
Anders Zorn

It’s hard to believe that Zorn achieved such wonderful works with just black, white, red and yellow ochre. I marvel at his brush work and drawing ability. See the full resolution version of the work here.

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