Still Life Drawing

I didn’t get much artwork done tonight just a simple still life drawing. It is becoming a habit of mine to work slow and meticulously. I hope to improve this in the future but only if I can keep the accuracy along with increasing my speed.

I don’t expect this to be a long post today, there is really not much to talk about. I’m still working from a still life that I setup the day before yesterday. Unfortunately after doing this still life drawing today I realized that I really don’t like the still life composition as much. It could be how I cropped it in the drawing, I’m not sure.

Still Life Drawing in Charcoal: setup
The setup

I drew the still life to the size of the painting I plan to do of it. I plan to do just a small 7×5 painting once I figure out the composition.

Still Life Drawing in Charcoal: black and white photo
Photo of the still life turned black and white on my iPhone

Once the drawing was close to complete I used my iPhone to take a photo of the still life and remove all the color. This way I could check my relative values. The word “relative” is very important here. You can never rely on a photograph especially from a phone to give you an accurate account of values or drawing, or color. I just look at the image and see how areas of value in part of the pictured compare to the other.

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