Starting Over

As I constantly strive to improve my drawing I find myself going back to basics, it’s not exactly like starting over, but some days it feels like it.

One of the quickest ways that I know to improve on anything is to recognize in detail what is lacking and deal with it directly. So, I recognize that I have a very difficult time thinking three dimensionally. Far too often I focus on the contour and the visual rather than the perceived structural nature of objects.

For today’s drawing I’m looking at a figure and trying to feel the curvature of the body as it moves through space. I’m looking at each plane of the body and trying to figure out how to best describe the direction it’s moving through space. I’m even deconstructing the forms into simple shapes to help with the structural perception.

Starting Over
Starting Over

I must say that drawing this way is very challenging for me. But I have help. I just received, after a long wait, a new book in the mail. Fundamentals of Drawing by Vladimir Mogilevtsev. Here is a good review of the book by James Gourney, this is also where I learned of it.

I’ve always liked the style of the Russian academies drawings, they are always very structural. The book takes you through the steps in building a portrait and a figure with this method and I think the next few drawing session that I do at home will follow along with the book.

Now, speaking of starting over, here is my ecorche progress… or lack there of. So far I’ve started over the pelvis twice and I plan to do it a third time. After really looking hard at the shape of the pelvis and the location of the Acetabulum in reference to the Iliac crest I decided that my armature had to change. So I pulled off all of the sculpy and spent a lot of time adjusting the shape of the pelvic armature.

It’s closer than it was before but after getting deep into sculpting the pelvis again I ran into an issue with the armature again. The two halves of the pelvis are much thinner than I realized and if I sculpt them accurately my armature wire will be sticking out of the back of the pubic crest. So now I have to pull off the sculpy again and make hopefully the final adjustment to the armature.

Well, one thing I know is that you learn by repeating, so by the time I’m done with this pelvis I should know it really well.

Starting Over, ecorche

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