Some Great Practice

I had some appointments today so I didn’t get as much done with my art sessions but I got some great practice in regardless.

What I talk about all the time on my site, and the purpose for my daily art, is that it’s not about doing 8 hours of art a day, or even 2 hours a day. It’s about doing what you can every day and making a commitment that you don’t miss. You can suck, but you can’t miss.

Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

I’m still doing my super awesome warm-up every day.


For my exercises I’m working on what they call rough perspective. Again, I was thinking that this would be no problem and again I find myself eating my words. This is much harder than I thought and a wonderful exercise with instant feedback.

drawa a box exercises

Steve Huston Form Exercise

This was a quick exercise today, I wanted to move onto other projects so I only did one sheet of drawing the figure with basic forms.

Steve huston form exercise

One Minute Gestures

I love my gesture studies, especially after I’m a couple pages into it. At that point in the drawings I feel that I can actually let go a bit and flow with the information.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

A thermos full of tea and a cat on a fence. I loved seeing this cat balanced on the fence today while eating my breakfast.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Art practice even with a packed day.

What needs work?

More focus and mono-tasking throughout the day.

What did I learn?

Exercises to help my knees!

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