Smelly Daisies

I didn’t want to pay $10 for a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store because here on the island there are flowers blooming all over the place. I figured I could just walk to the corner and pick some nice flowers to paint, and that is what I did. Unfortunately I have inadvertently intercepted some pooches “pee-mail” so now I have a bunch of smelly daisies…

Holy cow! I was struggling with this painting tonight, nothing was going well. I couldn’t seem to get the right value or color at all and I couldn’t put any stroke in its correct place to save my life. I still don’t understand exactly why I was having so much trouble but even through the frustration I have a huge amount of determination to wipe this painting out and start fresh tomorrow.

I shall concur the smelly daisies if it takes me the rest of the week!

Smelly Daisies, setup
Smelly Daisies, subject

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