Smelly Daisies

I didn’t want to pay $10 for a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store because here on the island there are flowers blooming all over the place. I figured I could just walk to the corner and pick some nice flowers to paint, and that is what I did. Unfortunately I have inadvertently intercepted some pooches “pee-mail” so now I have a bunch of smelly daisies…

Holy cow! I was struggling with this painting tonight, nothing was going well. I couldn’t seem to get the right value or color at all and I couldn’t put any stroke in its correct place to save my life. I still don’t understand exactly why I was having so much trouble but even through the frustration I have a huge amount of determination to wipe this painting out and start fresh tomorrow.

I shall concur the smelly daisies if it takes me the rest of the week!

Smelly Daisies, setup
Smelly Daisies, subject

2 thoughts on “Smelly Daisies”

  1. I like the daisies, They have lots of great atmosphere. you don’t want to just be a camera anyway. Nice work 🙂

  2. ……………………………………. I have to wonder if you were drawn specifically to the daisies since they are my fav flower and when you were little you would pick them and give them to me, sometimes the stems were so short they wouldn’t meet the water and the way you’d try to pick was more of a pull and some of the flowers would be missing their peddles. But it meant so much that even today I remember it as if it was yesterday. mom


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