Smelly Daisies 3

Yes, I painted the daisies again. For this one I was focused on color. Well, I was also focused on drawing and value but the end goal was to get a more colorful look in these smelly daisies.

After watching this video from Phil Starke about painting landscapes and how he thinks when he is mixing colors for complex scenes. He stresses the importance of simplifying the scene not only in detail but in color as well. Phil says as long as the value and temperature is correct he is not as concerned about matching the color exactly, but he wants to get the right “effect” of the light on the object. For example if he is painting the side of a tree that is in sunlight he focuses on the higher value and the warm temperature first, then makes sure that it represents the bright green necessary to depict the light side of a tree.

Here is another great video from Proko that describes color theory in simple terms.

  • Value
  • Hue
  • Chroma

So this is how I was trying to think when painting this version of the smelly daisies. The previous two were probably more accurate in their value and color but they were also quite dull.

Smelly Daisies 3

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