Smaller Painting, Greater Detail

Tonights painting was a bit smaller than what I usually paint, but at only 4×6 I still think it is a nice painting. There is something about smaller paintings that seem to command less attention. I guess this is one good thing about the digital world you can’t really tell how big the paintings is.

I went to the art store today to prepare for our upcoming vacation. I purchased more gouache paint some really nice ink pens and a 20 x 30 Illustration board. The board is a Crescent 110 and I find it perfect for smaller painting. I divided the board and cut it into 25 4×6 pieces. This was a bit time consuming as the board is very thick. But you can’t beat 25 surfaces for only 7 bucks.

The idea is this, I’m very slow at gouache currently and when I paint larger I end up not finishing the painting, but if I do a smaller painting I can focus on greater detail and quality plus finish a painting. I’m sure I will get faster the more accustom I become with the medium but until then I think the smaller paintings are the way to go.

The Smaller Painting Setup

a smaller painting of lemons by chris beaven

A very simple still life but when I focused down on this painting I began to see all kinds of subtle value transition and colors. Like the very slight reflection of the lemons on the foam core.

The Subject

the subject for my smaller painting of lemons by chris beavenMy painting is not an exact copy of what I was seeing but I feel like I captured the essences of the still life without making any obvious drawing mistakes. Like always I think my drawing could be better, but this is why I do art daily.


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