Slowly and Deliberately

I have a plan and I’m working slowly and deliberately. I even got out my anatomy book and did some research while drawing today.

I went over the whole body of this figure trying to figure out where the muscle groups are and using that knowledge to get the planes of the form outlined.

Slowly and Deliberately
Slowly and Deliberately

The upper back was especially hard to figure out, but I think I got it all laid out well. Then I went over the whole figure with a thinned layer of gesso to keep the drawing intact while I paint over it.

Slowly and Deliberately, detail

I’m working each plane of the head here. I still think I blended too much. Maybe the next session I will try and keep the planes intact without any blending and see how it turns out. I’m keeping the paint thin, but not thinned with medium. Even without a medium I can still see the lines through the flesh tone in places.

Slowly and Deliberately, setup


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