Slow Down and Consider

It seems that I’m consistent in forgetting to slow down and consider before working on a drawing.

The drawing work I did today wasn’t too bad but I didn’t take the time to refresh my motive for the drawing and make sure that every mark I make is in service to that motive. This may sound kind of crazy, but it’s important to me that I’m not just copying what I see but I’m constantly trying to communicate with what skills I have.

Storm Drawing

So, the next time I work on this drawing I’m going to write down my motive and make sure that I head into the right direction because it is the motive that makes exceptional art.

“Without motive, painting is only some sort of difficult jugglery.

The finer the motive, the more the artist sees significance in what he looks at, the more he must be precise in the choice of his terms.”

Robert Henri

Previous Post of my Drawing of Storm

One Minute Gestures

I’m creating this post a day later than I wanted so I’m struggling to remember what I was thinking during my gesture session.

I think that my focus was on trying to describe the form in a simple and clear manner with good construction.

Warm-Up and Steve Huston Sketches

I’m working on the head right now, but I think tomorrow I will take a step way back.


Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Nothing is more humbling than to be challenged by a roll of toilet paper…

Yeah if I took longer I could have made the ovals much better but that is not the point. The mark of a great draftsman is a person that can draw well, almost effortlessly and do it quickly. I need a ton more practice.

And for anyone else that is out there making fun of my toilet paper roll, I laugh with you, but try and draw it yourself well. Please make me look bad, or discover your own shortcomings.

daily composition and daily sketch

The daily composition is kind of weird. Well, the interaction with this gentleman running away from me while I was walking this morning was weird. I have no idea why he was running from me, maybe covid-19, but I drew him. Not as well as I wanted but, there it is.

What went well?

Lots of art time.

What needs work?

Need a ton more practice on the fundamentals. Also I want to organize some exercises created myself from Steve Huston’s book.

What did I learn?

Any object can challenge your art skills. Plus, slow down and consider, always review your motive before continuing on a piece.

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